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Petar Milushev, Owner

Petar grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. He moved to Canada when he was only 19 and has been living in Toronto ever since. Petar began his affair with the skilled trades within the roofing business and quickly found a passion for siding work. He has over 12 years of experience in the aluminum field.

Petar decided he wanted to build his own company from the roots up. He is now the founder of Mallion Aluminum, a family business focused around client satisfaction and workmanship. He is the master installer and deals with clients personally for both estimates and work completion. Petar's two key attributes to success in the aluminum business are his professionalism and perfectionism.  



Ani Milushev, Company Manager


Ani has been a key component to Mallion Aluminum since its creation. She oversees the clerical work and works behind the scenes to allow Mallion to strive for success.