A warranty that is a testament to the quality of Alu-Rex products

The T-Rex and Gutter Clean System will last for a very long time as they come with a 40-year warranty that covers the equipment itself and its performance. You can rest assured that you will get a top-quality, highly durable product. No other product can guarantee such a performance level!

Years of experience as evidence that Alu-Rex products will last

The first Alu-Rex products were installed in Canada more than 10 years ago and they are still as efficient to this day. Weather conditions in Canada are among the worst for rain gutters and yet the T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System are still thriving! More than 150 million feet (46 million meters) of Alu-Rex products installed worldwide can only be a testament to the outstanding durability of Alu-Rex products.


FOR NEW EAVESTROUGH INSTALLATION: using T-Rex technology fastening system

FOR EXISTING EAVESTROUGHS: Protecting EXISTING eavestroughs is made simple with "the Gutter Clean" system: 

The alu-rex Gutter clean system is designed to ACCOMMODATE existing bracket screws/ brackets/nails